This Is What Your Ear Reading Suggests About Your Future And Luck

Ears represent the luck in early youth before the age of 14. Also, the earlobes have certain influence on the fortune after the age of 60. While reading the ears, the size, color, shape, hardness and height shall be taken into consideration first, followed by each part. Let’s have look at what each element tell us:

The big ears are auspicious while the small inauspicious. The size of ears is not absolute but relative in comparison with the face. If the ear takes a large proportion, it is big. The standard is as follows: the Heaven Helix is on the same horizontal line with the eyebrow while the Earth Helix is one the same horizontal line with the nose tip. If the ear is higher than the eyebrow and lower than the nose tip, it is big and vice versa.

The big ears belong to the vigorous and active people; the small ears indicate poor health and quiet personality in early youth.

White ears are the best, followed by the pink, red, greyish white and black respectively (black ears are worst for people belonging to water in five elements).

White ears: good memory, sound kidney, excellent thinking and analysis ability; good luck throughout life, noble quality and high status.
Pink ears: good memory, diligence, hands-on attitude and great achievements.
Red ears: not so good, do more but get less, work fruitlessly despite the diligence, limited achievements and live a hard life.
Greyish ears: plain luck, weak body, deficient kidney Qi, laziness, no energy to win the chance, few accomplishments in life.
Black ears: the worst color represents weak kidney, poor health, chaotic thought, indecision and toiling all day.

A strongly defined ear is the most important thing. The earhole shall not be too small while the tragus shall be neither too large nor too small.

The hard ear is better than the soft as it indicates the sufficient kidney Qi, good physical strength, good memory and pioneering spirit; the soft ear represents the deficient kidney Qi, poor physical strength and memory, no ambition and lazy attitude.