Breakups are tough and we do know and understand that. We all know about Katrina and Ranbir’s relationship and that now Ranbir has found Alia, who was Katrina’s best friend. Yes, all of this is really complicated. However, moving on post-breakup with Ranbir Kapoor has been really tough for her. And finally, after three years Katrina is in such a happy space that nothing else matters. Although Ranbir is now dating Katrina’s best friend Alia it didn’t change the bond between the two. Even recently, Katrina met Ranbir and Alia at an award function and they greeted each other warmly and left everyone impressed.

Katrina made an appearance at Neha Dhupia’s chat show, They played a fun segment “Say it or Strip it” where she ended up confessing that she won’t attend Ranbir and Alia’s wedding. It all happened when, “If Ranbir and Alia, and Arjun and Malaika got married literally same day, same time, which would you attend?  Katrina surprisingly chose Arjun over her best friend Alia.

She said, “If I’d have to pick one, I’d pick Arjun because he is my rakhi brother. I tied him a rakhi on the day Sheila Ki Jawaani was released and he didn’t really like me. ‘Arjun, do you want to be my rakhi brother?’ He was like ‘No!’ and I was like Arjun you’re going to be my rakhi brother”.

When Kat was further questioned about how she is able to maintain good equation with Ranbir and Alia after all that happened she said, I’m taking this as a compliment. But yes, if someone like you, who knows me well, feels nice about me well, feels nice about my conduct, it’s a good thing. I’m not trying to be saintly but it’s always easier to just make peace, be friends, to be loving. I’m not doing this to make your life easier.”

She had further added, “But I’m doing it to make my life is easier. It genuinely is more peaceful and you feel lighter and happier when you don’t hold on to any anger or grudges.”

Back to the present day, Katrina is reportedly dating Vicky Kaushal but neither of them has ever acknowledged the truth.

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