Facebook is one of the biggest social networking sites. While the majority of people use Facebook to share their photos or stay in touch with their near and dear ones. But this woman from Kerala is making the best use of it to find herself the man of her life.

Last week, Jyothi KG, who is a resident of Kerala’s Malappuram, took it to her Facebook account to post a matrimonial ad for herself. Using the hashtag #FacebookMatrimony, the 28-year-old asked her friends on Facebook to help her find a potential groom. In her ad, which is creating abuzz on the internet, she even mentioned that she has no demands and horoscope or caste are not important.

Her post read,“I am single. If any of your friends know anyone, let me know. I have no demands. Horoscope or caste aren’t important. My parents are not alive. I have done B.Sc in Fashion Designing. I am 28. My brother is working in Mumbai as a Senior Art Director and my sister is pursuing Civil Engineering,”

Along with the matter, she even included a photo of herself in the ad.

Check out her post:

It has nearly been a week since Jyothi has shared her post on Facebook and it has already received more than 10,000 likes and 6,000 shares. And that’s not all, even the comment section of her post is flooded with proposals. While some expressed their interest in knowing more about Jyothi and meeting her, others were keen to know how they could make use of Facebook Matrimony.

The young fashion designer even appealed to the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg to include ‘Facebook Matrimony’ as part of Facebook’s core network so that everyone could find a spouse themselves without having to worry about traditional societal parameters.

Requesting to Zuckerberg, Jyothi wrote, “There are a lot of people out there finding it difficult to get hitched. With #FBMatrimony, I hope that they will be able to save themselves from the exploitation marriage brokers and matrimony sites, and also will be able to find the perfect life partner.”

She further added, “I am also sure that, they will be able to liberate themselves from the caste and horoscope based discrimination with the use of these developments”

This is not the first time that someone has used Facebook to find a life partner. Earlier too, Ranjish Manjeri, a photographer from Kerala, had put up a similar post on Facebook seeking a bride for himself. And as per reports, it is believed that he successfully managed to find a perfect match for himself and tied the knot with his wife (Sarigama, a Guruvayur native) the same month.


Well, we’re not sure if Mark paid attention to Jyothi’s appeal or not but Facebook has come up with a new ‘Facebook dating’ feature which might somehow cater to the needs of the users who are searching for potential partners for themselves.

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