Love is magic. There is nothing better than expressing your love for your partner in a unique way to make it special for them. The day you wish to pop that question to her, you must make it very special. After all, the day becomes one of the most memorable day of your life.

It is Luis Cardona and his love Maddy Thrope’s story. Luis finally decided to go down on his knees for Maddy. He decided to do it in the most unique way. The two were connected through Rock climbing and Luis popped the question at the ‘Elevation Gym’ where the two climbed together. He added some light strings to the place where they used climbed. While he held Maddy, their friends came in and switched on all the lights. It was a magical moment for the two. Maddy was laughing and crying all the way. She loved the way Luis expressed his love and said a big Yessssss!



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