In a world of social media, naughty pictures and messages are getting very common among the youth these days. We all are aware of the fact that exchanging naughty pictures involves their own kind of risks and sometimes in the moments of excitement, some mistakes happen too which cost a great deal.

Recently, an hilarious incident  went viral on the internet where a teacher send her hot and naughty pictures mistakenly to a wrong number that happened to be of one of her student. She was sending her pictures to her boyfriend by mistakenly sent them to one of her student, as both of them had same names.

Check out the image sent by the teacher to his student :

The teacher  sent this image to his student with a message ‘Hey babe, want more..?’ , to which the student replied by saying ‘Definitely…!However, the teacher was still unaware that she was texting the wrong person. She asked the student to meet her tonight. Here, have a look at the conversation :

After the student received another hot picture with the text ‘Can’t wait to see you tonight’ , he finally spilled the beans by saying ‘Um, thanks but I think you have the wrong number. This is ‘his name’ from your COM 201 class…’.

When the teacher got to know about the truth, she was in deep shock and she chose even a more shocking way to handle the situation. She asked the student to delete her pictures in exchange of   A grade  in her subject. To which the student obediently said yes. Here, have a look at the conversation :

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