This Teachers’ Day, Give the Gift of Health to Your First Ever Tutor

A one-day celebration in a year is just not enough for your mother who is the reason of life you cherish. Indeed, a mother is the ultimate source of life in this world. She is the one who is there for her children all the time, no matter good or bad. In the showers of happiness or tides of sorrow, she never forgets to give life-lessons. Indeed, she is the first teacher with whom you started your journey of learnings in this life.

Teacher’s day is arriving, and you must be thinking of some thoughtful gift for your mother. Cakes, apparels, flowers, accessories or similar other stuff comes first to the mind when you think of a special gift. Give it a second thought – Does your mother deserves only these material gifts from you? For all that she has done for you, the perfect Teacher’s day gift for your mother is the one that shows how much you love her and care for her well-being.

Think different this year. Think about giving your mother the gift of good health in the form of a women’s health insurance policy. Nothing else can have a long-lasting impact than this gift in your mother’s life.

What Makes Health Insurance a Perfect Gift for Your Mother?

Just like your mother who always ensures you get a healthy life; you can shower your unconditional love with the gift of a health insurance policy. Here are a few reasons that confirm why health insurance is an ideal gift for your mother:

She Cares More About Your Health Than Her Own

Almost all mothers have this lacklustre attitude towards their health even after knowing the importance of good health. Just think about your mother’s daily routine. She is a perfect homemaker in the morning, a professional in the daytime and a family l0ver again in the evening.  Whether it is related to her family, household chores, work or personal emergencies, her daily commitments do not allow to take care of her health. So, it is imperative that you care for her health.  A women’s health insurance plan will ensure good health for her in all phases of life.

You Can’t Predict Health Issues

In general, women in India are facing several health concerns, ranging from malnutrition, reproductive health and many others. Plus, a recent survey shows that only twenty per cent women in India are covered by health insurance. Women living in urban areas also juggle between work and household responsibilities. It all results in unhealthy lifestyle, higher stress level and unpredictable health issues.

A health insurance plan for your mother will empower her to go for regular health checkups, without worrying about financial constraint.

You Do Not Need to Wait for a Special Occasion

Your mother is and always will be there to take care of your good health without ever expecting anything in return. Probably, no one can make you feel better after a bad day like your mother.

To return the favour, you need not wait for a special occasion to buy the gift of health insurance. You can buy this thoughtful gift at any day of the year either online or offline.


Health Insurance for Women in India

Not just people, but also the insurers in India are doing their part to ensure good health of women. They have created women’s insurance plans to provide coverage for simple illness or a critical emergency.

TATA AIG’s Wellsurance Woman policy is one such example. It is perfect for Indian women as it ensures they stay healthy while carrying the weight of their family over the shoulders. Some of its prime features include critical illness cover against major critical illnesses, cosmetic reconstruction surgery benefit, daily cash benefits and many others.

Your mother has given you a lot over the years. No one can understand this better than you. To ensure good health for her, buy a health insurance plan for her – a gift that pays back.