There is one thing common in all good actors, i.e. they get into the skin of the character! However, getting into the skin of a character is not as easy as it sounds. This can directly affect your personal life and your personality. Playing a depressed person may actually make you an unhappy person, if you actually get into that character! Similarly, there are some heart-breaking scenes which continue to affect you even after the shot has been completed.

Something similar happened to famous television actor Mohit Malik on the set of Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala. Mohit is playing the role of Sikander Singh Gill – a rockstar! After a hiatus of 3 years, Mohit marks is come back to the television screen with this show. And surprisingly, playing the role Sikander Singh Gill has deeply affected Mohit.

The actor was shooting for an intense scene. He got so emotional while playing the scene that as soon as the scene got over, he was in tears and requested the team to not disturb him for 3 hours. A leading entertainment portal got in touch with him to talk about the same and Mohit Malik said, “I have done multiple scenes in my career but the one I just did was so intense and powerful that I couldn’t control my emotions and broke down. I was not in the mental space to give another shot immediately that’s why I requested for a break for some time.”

“He adds, “No other character has affected me as much as Sikander’s. I’m so glad to have bagged this role,” he further added.

Talking about the show, Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala is proving to be a winner among viewers! The uber cute Kullfi, played by Aakriti Sharma has already won millions of hearts with her innocence and amazing singing skills!

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