This TV Actress Commits $uicide, Was Unable To Conceive Kids Is The Main Reason

Popular Tamil Tv actress Priyanka allegedly commits $uicide at her residence in Valasaravakkam on Wednesday morning. Priyanka is known for her character Jyotika in a famous TV show Vamsam. She was also the co-star of Bahubali fame actress Ramya Krishnan.

Her housemaid gave the very first information to the police. When she arrived early morning on Priyanka’s residence, she saw her hanging from the ceiling fan. According to the reports, some family dispute is said to be the main reason behind her $uicide.

As per media reports, the actress got married 3 years ago but she had not any child. This is indeed considered the main reason behind the regular family disputes and problems.

Priyanka’s body has been sent for postmortem and investigation is underway for the reason behind the $uicide.


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