This Twitter Thread Of A Television Actor Against Suhana Khan’s Magazine Cover Debut Is Going Viral

By Khushi Kabra

August 02, 2018

Just a few days back, Shah Rukh Khan’s 18 -year- old daughter Suhana Khan made her magazine cover debut with Vogue. There’s no denying that the images from the photoshoot were oozing with confidence, style and glamour. But, that doesn’t end here. Ever since Vogue’s cover, which features Suhana has been unveiled for the public to see, people can’t stop pointing out about “nepotism” and the privilege the star kids get in the country.

As Suhana hasn’t even started her career in the film industry and the cover described on the cover as a “student, theatre lover and future star”, people are filled with rage. But there is one of the tweets that is going viral. It is of a “struggling television actress”, Bhumika Chheda. Reportedly, she has worked in three digital and one television ad, among others projects.

She took to twitter and shared the actual reason why she and her fellow struggling actors are enraged with Suhana Khan’s magazine cover debut. In a series of tweets, she explained the struggles of an actor who doesn’t belong to a filmy family.

She wrote, “A normal struggling actor spends his/her/families (if new) money to travel EVERYDAY (almost) to various studios to ask for work. What happens when you are not dressed appropriately as per audition requirements? They ask us to come again another day.”

In the next tweet, she shared how no one really cares how a particular actor is feeling that day – whether they are unwell or any other issue. “Nobody gives a rat’s ass as to how you are feeling that day, ill, sick, okay, normal, abnormal, unhealthy, mentally ill, XYZ! It’s a race and you got to be there standing in a queue waiting for long hours, perhaps even 4-5 hours because you got to. No excuse!”

The following tweet was about how you get rejected from the directors. Further explaining, she said that while some directors are kind enough to convey their opinion nicely and politely, some just say it very rudely, making the whole process very difficult. She wrote, “What happens when you don’t fit the bill (requirement) according to the casting director? They say words like either “rejected, you don’t fit”. Thankfully many casting directors these days are kind enough to convey their opinion politely. Or else, it is rude, its tough to deal.”

She concluded by saying, “Thus! The reason I am annoyed is because when Suhana Khan had to step into the Vogue India office, nobody told her “you don’t fit the requirement.” To wake up each mrng with the same amount of motivation for the same agenda each day, every day, try that! I promise it isn’t easy!”

Many twitteratis agreed with her point of view and lauded the actor for taking a strong stand against the ongoing issue. In another tweet, she went on to clarify that this isn’t about Suhana Khan or Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter or some other star’s daughter.

“I am done replying to N number of tweets for now. Will reply back later in the day. Didn’t know this would go viral. Just making it clear, the thread is not about SRK’s daughter, it is about a girl who could have been anybody on the cover without proving herself/working,” she wrote.

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