It came as a surprise for all of us as Karan Johar shared the good news of his twins – Yash and Roohi. Though he shared the news with the world after almost a month after the birth of the twins, we got super happy hearing the good news.


Meanwhile, what we were thinking was if Karan Johar really didn’t share the news with anyone. New reports suggest that Karan Johar shared the thing with only three people and they were Kareena Kapoor Khan, Manish Malhotra and Gauri Khan. The three were aware that Karan Johar is soon going to be a father through surrogacy.

One of the sources also shared that the twins were born in a week before Valentine’s and during Karan’s Valentine’s bash, people could notice the change in his behavior. He kept excusing himself at the party. Well, his new babies would have been the obvious reason behind it.

Anyway, we are so happy for you, Karan!

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