Three Reasons Why Size Doesn’t Matter In Sex!!

There is a widespread misconception that the bigger it is, the better it will be for sex. However, research indicates that this is not the case. It’s all in your head! Because what you believe and envision is all up to you, your brain is your most active sex organ. So, today, we show you reasons why even a small package of a man may give ladies pleasure, dispelling the stereotype and demonstrating that size does not matter!

You do not need to be concerned.

Women are sometimes afraid of size because it is something that enters their bodies. A little one alleviates that concern, allowing you to enjoy your sex life as well. There is no excruciating pain, so relax and enjoy!

They are better in bed

Getting an orgasm is difficult for most women, regardless of size. It is the quality of sex that is important. There are many sex positions available for everyone, so how are men with a smaller one better? They believe that their size is insufficient, so they learn and attempt new techniques to give you pleasure on which they can rely, and as a result, they put more work into being an incredible lover.

Accommodating a small vagina

It is not only a problem for guys but women also struggle with their own size. If they have a small vagina, the sensation of having a large penis can be unpleasant, painful, and frightening to begin with. As a result, a tiny man becomes the knight in shining armor in this story. They assist you in having painless and enjoyable sex with a lot of foreplay.

Don’t believe in anything unless you’ve tried it. If you mock anyone with a small size it is unfair and it batters the man’s ego for lifetime! If you are unsatisfied with the size, try oral sex, experiment with the positions, and remember that we Indians have the KamaSutra, so take notes. You’ll be surprised at how much that affects the entire love-making environment for you.

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