Throwback: When Sridevi said “I will never marry a married man!” Here’s an EXPLOSIVE interview!

Sridevi and Boney Kapoor’s life story has always relished media glare in abundance. After all, when a super gorgeous and successful actress in the peak of her career marries a married producer who is 15 years older than her, controversies are obviously inevitable.

The ‘Chaalbaaz’ actor Sridevi was labelled as a real life ‘home-breaker’ for her love affair with already married Boney Kapoor. The couple believed their love and didn’t keep their affair a secret. In fact, their relationship was so ahead of their time that Sridevi also got pregnant before marriage. It all began when Sridevi became friends with Mona Kapoor (Boney’s first wife). The actress was staying at Mona and Boney’s house and used to consider him as her brother. In fact, when Sridevi was going around with Mithun Chakraborty, who even made her tie a rakhi to Boney. It was during that stay in Boney Kapoor’s house when their affair started and soon, she was pregnant with Boney’s child.

When the news reached Mona, she was devastated. This shocking news spread like a fire and a happy family got broke. Taking the side of his new love muse, Boney decided to leave his wife and kids, Arjun and Anshula.

It is been 21 years that Sridevi and Boney Kapoor are enjoying marital bliss and also have two gorgeous daughters, Jhanvi and Khushi. Boney’s separation with Mona hit Arjun and Anshula hard, who ended up grew up in an upset environment and oppose the idea of marriage.

But before all this love story bloomed, Sridevi was also linked up with actor Jeetendra after they worked together in Himmatwala, Jaani Dost and Justice Choudhary. During that time, she had given an explosive to a leading magazine.

Here are some shocking exceprts.

When she was asked about the link-up rumours with Jeetendra, Sridevi had said, “He is such a nice man, I can never forget how helpful he was on my first day of shooting. I was extremely nervous since Hindi was a new language for me, and my first Hindi film Solva Sawan, hadn’t done well. But Jeetu gave me all the moral support and confidence I needed. He went out of his way to make me feel comfortable by explaining the dialogues to me, and his kind and helpful nature really appealed to me.”


Further when she was asked about the rumours of them staying in the same room, she quipped, “Never! Honestly, till this day, I have never been to Jeetu’s hotel room, nor has he ever come home. I know people have been saying a lot of bad things, but this is the truth.”

She further talked about how she will never marry a married man. “It’s not new to me. I’m used to and prepared for things like this. My parents, though conservative, know what this industry is all about. Besides, they have met Jeetu a couple of times and find him a very decent man.”

She also added that she will never marry a married man. “It’s a wrong belief that second wives are a common feature in the South,” she said “Even here, it’s a big thing to marry a married man or have a second wife. Everyone gossips about it. People are more conservative in the South than in Bombay.”

But as they say, life has its own ways. The actress ended up marrying a married man. Within a decade, a lot changed. She secretly married Mithun but also ended the relation with him. She also lost her parents. And then, after Mr. India happened, Boney Kapoor’s chapter began to last forever.

The actress confessed it later that her marriage wasn’t an journey. “”I fell in love with him when I got to know the real him. It was difficult, traumatic even and it took me many years to finally accept the fact that I was destined to be with Boney. In hindsight, I only wish that I had realised and accepted his love for me sooner. I always believe in following my heart and I am glad that I did. My parents had passed away by then and my sister was shocked with my decision. But now, she shares a great relationship with my husband and is convinced that he is the best thing that ever happened to me.”


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