Tiger and Disha have never accepted their relationship in front of the world but they sure talked about their dinner date. Let’s see who pays the bill.

While Tiger has an innocent smile, Disha has lovely looks, he has amazing dance moves and she has an amazing sense of style. Both of them are made for each other. Their chemistry not only rocks in the real life but also in their reel life. The two of them gave a huge blockbuster with Baaghi 2 and the main ingredient in the movie was their chemistry.They have never claimed to be in a relationship despite being caught on their various Sunday outings to restaurants, movies and hand in hand entries at many events. They gave us a very clear picture as to what has been brewing between them. Disha and Tiger have been targeted many times by various rumors and built up stories. It increased to a extent that recently there was a rumor of their relationship hitting the rock.

Soon, Tiger and Disha proved those rumors to be wrong, not directly by giving any statement but by getting clicked at one of their romantic dates. And recently during interaction with media, he revealed who pays their dinner bills at Bastian. He revealed that Disha doesn’t like him paying the bills all the time and so they have turns. He also stated, “We take turns. Most of the time I do it, of course, but she doesn’t like it when I pay all the time. So, we take turns, but most of the time it’s me.”

It was also on Koffee With Karan when he defended his Sunday dates with Disha by saying, “Walking out of the restaurant every Sunday holding the bag for her makes me look better.” Further commenting on her relationship with Disha he also revealed,  “We don’t talk about it that much. I am great friends with her, and I love her company. We are keeping it that. We have similar interests and I don’t have very many friends in the industry. She is one of the few friends I have and who I am comfortable with.”

In a media interaction Disha was also asked why she don’t accept her relationship with Tiger, to which she replied, “I’ve been trying for so long, it’s been so many years and I’ve been trying to impress him. Now I’ve done this film Bharat where I’m doing all these stunts and I thought maybe he’ll get impressed but no luck. Yeah, we go to eat but that doesn’t mean he’s impressed, not like that like the crush impressed, but he likes everybody’s pictures like that. You must speak to him the next time. He’s shy and I’m shy so nobody’s breaking the ice.”

Earlier in a media interaction Tiger denied her romantic relationship with Disha and said,  “We always go around all the time. Going around doesn’t mean we’re dating. You do go around with friends, right? I go around with my guy friends also, which no one cares about. Besides, have Disha and I ever indulged in PDA or anything? Today, I can say that she is one of those few people who I can trust implicitly and is very open, straightforward and honest. I don’t have too many friends and I don’t open up easily with people, but she’s an exception. And all this curiosity around whether our relationship is true or not is good for our film. People are eager to see our chemistry.”

They both are clearly not going to accept the truth of the chemistry between them but we all know the truth already. Will they ever accept their relationship? What do you think?


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