Tight Denims May Be The Worst Enemy Of A Woman’s Intimate Hygiene

Sexy tight denim may be the worst enemy for a woman’s intimate hygiene!

Tight denims have become a wardrobe staple these days. They look sexy and accentuate your hourglass figure. Easy to wear and maintain, they are the trendy, go-to attire for several women on any occasion. However, what most ladies don’t realize is the dark side of wearing such skinny denim. Wearing them may play havoc with your intimate hygiene!


everteen, the feminine hygiene expert, partners with Woman’s Era to bring you tips for maintaining a complete feminine intimate hygiene…


According to experts, awfully tight pants can cause sweat to pool down there, and lead to skin friction. This creates a perfect breeding spot for bacteria and fungus, which may lead to a number of unhygienic conditions such as:

Jock itch: This is an itchy, red fungal rash that usually begins in the groin, and if left untreated, spreads to thighs, anus and buttocks.

Yeast infection: This kind of infection is caused due to overgrowth of Candida, a microscopic fungus that can cause a burning rash and itching in your intimate area, as well as vaginal discharge that looks like cottage cheese.

Urinary tract infection (UTI): UTI occurs due to bacteria, and its symptoms include pain while urinating, blood in the urine, increased frequency of urination, incontinence etc.

Vulvodynia: As the name suggests, this disorder impacts the vulva, the external genital organs of a female, and is characterized by pain, burning, itching, stinging or throbbing in the intimate area. If you experience any of these symptoms while wearing tight denims, or while having sex or urinating, see a doctor as soon as possible.


Synthetic or tight clothing, such as tight denims, restricts air circulation through your vulva and groin area, thereby trapping moisture and heat down there. This leads to friction, heat and pressure in your pubic region, all of which create an ideal environment for microbes to thrive down there. If you feel discomfort in your intimate area while wearing tight denims, it is most likely due to the irritation its fabric is causing by rubbing against your sensitive skin. Friction causes redness, stinging, itching and swelling in the region.


Here are a few things you can do to keep your intimate area as hygienic as possible:

  • Avoid wearing tight denims every day.
  • Take them off as soon as you reach home, and wear something loose and breathable.
  • Wear underwear made of cotton and other breathable fabric only.
  • Do not wear synthetic fabrics that do not allow air circulation.
  • Avoid using chemical-based soaps and shampoos for your intimate areas, which can cause dryness, pH imbalance, itching, burning or skin darkening. Use products exclusively formulated for such sensitive areas such as everteen® Natural Intimate Wash. Use at least once every day, and more frequently during menstruation.
  • Always wash your intimate area before and after having sex.
  • We recommend carrying a few individually-wrapped everteen® natural intimate hygiene wipes in your handbag at all times. These are especially very helpful when using public toilets at offices, malls, metro stations or cinema halls.
  • Skip wear underwear while sleeping at night. This allows proper air circulation through your intimate region for at least 8 hours every day and lets it recuperate from the daily stress.


If you must wear tight denims on certain occasions, make sure you put on everteen® Natural Cotton Daily Panty Liners that are soft and delicate on your intimate skin. These ultra-thin liners absorb any moisture due to white discharge, urinary leakage or unexpected spotting. This keeps your inners instantly dry and fresh throughout the day. Moreover, the antibacterial negative-ion strip in these pantyliners protects you against infections and prevents bad odour. Extra-absorbent, breathable layers in everteen panty liners also protect you against the friction of tight denims.

Lastly, do not ignore or self-medicate for any intimate hygiene-related issues. It may lead to serious complications. Always consult a doctor.

Don’t forget to share these tips with other women in your circles. Also look out for our other articles in this series on everteen® intimate hygiene secrets.

If you liked the tips in this article, please don’t forget to share with other women in your circles. Also check out other articles in our everteen Feminine Intimate Hygiene Secrets and stay safe.

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