“One of the biggest mistakes you can make in life is letting people stay in your life far longer than they deserve”, as said by Drake. Friendship is a beautiful relationship in your life where you are yourself and not worried about your image. When all other relationships are tensed friends bring solace in life and many times are above blood relations. You can turn to your friends for help at any time and they are ready to help without grumble. Friends understand the truth hidden in your lie and the words of your silence.

But there are people who do not know the definition of this beautiful word friendship and misuse it. A bad friend is worse than an enemy, an enemy you can see and avoid, but to detect an insincere friend is hard. Bad friendships can only cause emotional, mental, physical or financial suffering. Here are 10 tips to detect a false friend. Remember you can choose your friends if not your blood relations.

Friendship is based on trust. The secrets that you share with your friend are not meant for gossiping. If your friend finds pleasure in gossiping about your secret causing hurt and pain to you its time to break-up.
Do you smell something fishy when your friend is in presence of your husband/boyfriend? Is she trying to extract information about him and always finding an excuse to see him? Does her body language, behavior and looks makes you feel uncomfortable when he is present then its time to break-up with your friend. She may be having a crush on your husband/boyfriend and you would not want to jeopardize your relationship with your spouse.
Misunderstandings are part of each relationship. Matured people sort out their misunderstanding amicably. But if your friend is talking negative about you and spoiling your image in front of others with an intention of revenge or stealing your other friends then its time to break-up.
Is your friend so possessive about you that she feels hurt when you hang out with other friends? Does she talk negative about them to you or tries to create disturbance in your other friendships then its time to break-up.
Is the base of your friendship selfishness? Does your friend contact you only when she needs help else she is not concerned with anything else going in your life or your feelings? Does she pester you to do a favor against your will keeping your friendship at stake? If yes, then its time to break-up.
Whether you are dealing with a negative or positive situation a friend always stands besides you without being judgmental. But in time of need if your friend does not stands-up for you or helps you and avoids staying in contact with you its time to break-up. After all a friend in need is a friend indeed.
Does your friend feel ashamed of introducing you to her other friends if you are not dressed up well or if you turn up in a taxi and not your chauffeur driven car then may be she is friends with your status and not you. If your status vanishes she will also vanish. Break-up with her to direct your life towards something positive.
If you find your friend doing some illegal work or she is planning to harm someone stay away from her. Her violent nature and negative behavior will affect your reputation. Remember a person is known by the company he keeps!
Respect is the most important part of any relationship. If your friend does not treat you respectfully, gives importance to others in your presence and neglects you, is jealous of your achievements, your sorrows does not touch her heart then you will not want her in your life. Break-up!
Are you finding it difficult to be yourself in your friends company? Are there compatibility issues and you are finding it hard to adjust? Is it always her say and your likings are not given preference? Or you are finding it obligatory to hang out with her. Just break-up.
It is better to have one good friend than many bad friends.

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