Is it time to break up or go through a rough patch up? Find out!

When there are so many grudges and fights in a relationship, it can get very stressful for you as well as for your partner. Here is when you feel baffled about letting him go. You are standing cluelessly on the road that leads to two different roads. It is very important to tackle the problem by considering what is good for both of you. Every pair has opposite traits that often cause conflicts. We all make mistakes and give a chance to others to judge us. Life is all about adjustments, sacrifices and efforts. The question of matter is how to deal with the complications.

Read the following key points to find out where your relationship should go.

1. Going backwards
If you two feel like you both are taking steps backward in terms of support, conversation, interest, play, affirmation, and connection, then it is time for a hard break up. Relationships should improve and be stronger with time. Relationship is an asset in a person’s life and if it turns out to be a liability, you should let go of it.

2. Scope for future
We all have wondered about how our future husbands are going to be like, how do we want to raise our children and a lot more questions take place in our minds. One of the easiest way to figure out if there is a scope for the two of you in future or not, is by sitting peacefully and thinking how is he going to be like as a husband. If you see your type and if he will be able to make you feel like a princess, then stay connected.

3. Following happiness
It is hard to break ties with someone you have been with for a very long time. Even if you wish to break things apart, you are not able to. Don’t worry, it is very common. Give yourself an opportunity to let go if you wish to quit. But if there are more reasons for staying in a relationship than that of letting go, hold on to it.

4. Possibility of change
Nobody is perfect. Mistakes happen in a blink of an eye. So, do improvements. He is arrogant right now, what if he is a soft-spoken person in future? If you can see that he wishes to change for the good, then fight for it.

5. Fighting the odds
It is hard to be on the same page due to different opinions and perspectives. It is okay. Absolutely, normal! You may feel overwhelmed at the possibility of having to start over, but giving a chance to a relationship needs a lot of efforts. Try to understand him if you wish to work on this relationship.


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