Tips for Planning a Dream Family Holiday to the States

Have you been dreaming about a holiday in the States? Have you been putting off making any plans because you’re worried about the logistics? America is a huge country and travelling there from another country can be a daunting proposition, especially when you’ve got kids in tow. It is, however, perfectly possible to have a dream trip to the United States without too much hassle. All that’s required is some careful planning, and the following tips will help you get started.

Stay Calm

The whole idea of travelling to a different country may fill you with trepidation, but you really don’t need to worry. In fact, the truth is that the less you panic and the more organised you become, the greater the chance of everyone having a good time. America is the land of opportunity as far as holiday planning goes and there’s something for everyone. Look at one of the many villas in Orlando, for example, and you’ll be able to enjoy relaxing and luxurious accommodation while also being close enough to take the many trips to Disneyworld your kids will enjoy.

Planning is Vital

Going on holiday with your children isn’t something you can do without some kind of plan. You’re not able to plan a last-minute trip or consider a carefree holiday because there are too many variables. When you’re travelling with your children, you need to consider flight times, where you’re going to stay, what you’re going to eat and how everyone is going to pass the time. Even on holiday, your children will benefit from a routine, and they’re going to need entertaining. All of which doesn’t have to mean you won’t enjoy a dream family holiday.

Creating Your US Travel Itinerary

One of the first places you’re going to be thinking of when you’re looking for a family-friendly destination is bound to be Orlando. Of course, your children are going to enjoy the resorts, amusements and roller coasters but there’s much more you’ll be able to explore. If you’re set on visit Florida, don’t forget about the surrounding area and use it as a base to discover what else the area has to offer.

Team Work

While a surprise holiday is always going to be exciting, you’ll all get more out of your time away if everyone gets a say in what’s being planned. The actual planning and anticipation will add to the excitement, and you can get the ball rolling months or even years before you actually go. Encourage your children to do their own research, and maybe you can incorporate something that will benefit their learning at school. Going to another country on holiday is the perfect opportunity for them to experience different cultures and it’s far more interesting than reading about it in books.

One final thing to remember is that your kids won’t be kids for long and before you know it, they’ll have flown the nest and be planning their own holidays. The more you travel with your children now, the easier it becomes for everyone.


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