Orthopaedic doctor ratings can be helpful, but they may have shortcomings. Hence, it can be quite a task to find the best orthopedic doctor in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai or any major city as there may be an overwhelming number of options to choose from. Many new ortho doctor review websites have emerged recently, highlighting their ratings, which can be used to vet a good orthopaedic surgeon in Bangalore.

 Finding the Best Ortho Surgeons

Many people still prefer going by the reference suggested by their family and friends when it comes to consulting an expert orthopaedic doctor in Bangalore. Since the majority of the ortho surgeons in town are not able to dedicate time to monitoring their online reputation, a few sour apples often tend to dominate the available reviews and skew the perception of the orthopaedic doctor.

For most good orthopaedic doctors, the majority of the patient referrals come through word of mouth. Consequently, not all doctors have time or interest in developing their online reputation.

Where does that leave the individual who needs ortho medical assistance? This makes it challenging to figure out the best orthopedic doctor in bangalore. So here are few tactics to gauge the best one.

How To Determine The Best Orthopedic Doctors 

  1. Know Your Ortho Doctor’s Specialities

Just because he/she is an orthopaedic doctor doesn’t mean they treat all kinds of deformities of bones and muscles. Know what kind of ortho pain you have and go to a relevant doctor for it. The best orthopedic doctor in Bangalore also deal in sub-specialities, which include joint reconstruction surgery, spine surgery, musculoskeletal oncology, sports medicine, orthopaedic trauma, foot, ankle, shoulder, hands, and elbows.

You would not want to go to a surgeon who doesn’t have specialized knowledge.

  1. Orthopaedic Doctor’s Experience

When it comes to specialized medical care for complex orthopaedic issues, the more experienced your doctor, the quicker you are going to heal.

Ask how many patients the doctor has treated with your type of specific condition. If you’re suggested any specific procedures, ask how many procedures it will require and find out about the complications in the case.


  1. Do Consider The Gender

It is important that you feel comfortable in your doctor’s presence because you will require to openly discussing your health issues. There are female patients who are shy in demonstrating the pain. Hence, for such cases, having a female orthopaedic doctor makes sense.

Be sure to ask your doctor about his or her medical experience specifically related to your medical condition. Doctors are aware of sex differences as well as gender attitude differences. Hence, it is very important that you choose your doctor based on your comfort.

  1. Checking Clinic/Hospital Quality

Your doctor’s clinic is where you will be treated. For this reason, consider the quality of the care provided at the clinic/hospital where the orthopaedic surgeon treats the patients.

Clinic/Hospital quality matters the most because patients at top-rated hospitals will have fewer complications and better survival rates. Additionally, you should also consider the hospital location as you will be asked for frequent check-up visits after the procedure, which means the nearer is better.

  1. Check Their Responsiveness

Choose an orthopaedic surgeon in Bangalore with whom you are able to talk about your health concerns openly. Evaluate his/her responsiveness when you happen to first meet your doctor.

Ask questions and notice their communication and responsiveness towards your pain. Do they welcome your concerns and answer you properly? During your first visit, did you feel comfortable, or did you feel like rushing? Did your doctor answered your questions accordingly? Did he/she show interest and assured you in providing the utmost quality of care for your health problems? These are some of the questions which will help you figure out about getting the right doctor for your orthopaedic ailments.

Closing Thoughts

 Your first impression will matter the most when you meet your doctor for getting treated for a particular health condition. With hundreds and thousands of orthopaedic doctors completing orthopaedic degrees every year, it can be tough for you to choose the best.

 Just googling the best orthopedic doctor in Bangalore will give you a list of names. However, to do a detailed check, you need to keep in mind the above-mentioned tips to finding the right one that fits your needs. There are several review websites where you can check their qualifications, experience, fees they charge, hospital/clinic location, and their ratings. So, go ahead and have the check done so that you can be relieved with the peace of mind that your treatment will be done by an experienced, qualified orthopaedic surgeon.



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