Tips To Keep Your Baby Skin Happy And Healthy

Babies are born with delicate and soft skin even the slightest irritants may cause skin rashes and allergies on their faces. The most frequent complaints about baby skin include dry and patchy skin, cradle cap, rashes, and much more. These complaints may cause mental disturbance in parents. However, most of the time skin problems can be managed by following some basic skincare routines in babies.


Baby skin is highly sensitive and it is affected by heat, cold, bacteria, allergens, fungus, and prolonged exposure to the external environment. The good news is most of the problems can be managed by practicing few preventive steps, external application of topical creams and ointments and sometimes oral medications may be needed.

Common complaints in infants-

DRY SKIN-This is the most common problem in babies. Dry and flakiness on the face, hand, and lip signify that baby needs a gentle moisturizer on the skin, however, excess dryness may require proper medical guidance.

DIAPER RASH-It is seen in redness around the diaper area and usually appears when the diaper remains wet for a long time or it is very tight. It can be avoided if the diaper area is kept exposed to air for a longer duration or frequent changing of the diaper and can also manage by using zinc oxide creams on rash areas.

BABY ACNE-These are temporary small bumps that appear on babies face. Although they don’t have any specific cause they disappear on their own.

BABY ECZEMA-These appear as the itchy and red rash, first appear on the face, later on, progress towards the chest, knees, and elbow. Minor eczema can manage by the use of gentle soaps and moisturizer but severe eczema problem requires proper medical guidance.

PRICKLY HEAT-It mainly appears as a small pinkish-red bump on the area prone to sweating such as the armpit, neck, and skin folds, and can be managed by keeping them in a cool, dry environment and lose fitted clothes.

CRADLE CAP-It occurs as the scaly skin on the head due to excessive sweating due to overactivity of skin sweat glands surrounding hair follicles. It can be managed by the use of any mild shampoo or hair cleanser.

SUNBURN-Sunlight is a good source of vitamin D but sometimes it may cause sunburn to baby skin hence, it is advisable to use sunscreen on the baby’s skin to avoid such mishappenings.

Basic skincare can be followed to prevent any skin complain in babies-

  1. Babies don’t need frequent baths and hence three bathes per week are sufficient for them and avoid using soap on their faces but use plain water to wipe their face.
  2. Use gentle products on their skin that are fragrance and dye-free.
  3. Avoid frequent powdering of talc on their skin as they don’t require it but may cause dryness.
  4. Baby massage is all time good solution for dry and flaky skin and could be practice twice or thrice a week.
  5. Avoid using harsh detergents on baby clothes and beddings which may cause irritation on their delicate skin

Most of the time baby skin problems are manageable but if they are accompanied by fever, sluggishness, red dots with yellow fluids, or any sign of infection then it is better to see a Pediatrician right away.






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