Genres and music revolution of the 21st century.
By Sreoshi Sengupta
One look at the US Billboard Hot 100 will give you a glance at the recent trends in global music. If you can follow the charts for the past four years, it will highlight the preference of the types of musical genres by teenagers globally. A team of researchers from Queen Mary University of London and Imperial College of London studied around 17,000 songs from the Billboard Hot 100 list to come to the conclusion that in the recent years, it is the hip hop and the rap that is reigning in the music world with a high percentage of enthusiasts belonging to the age group from 14 to 20, the population of the teenagers.
Teenage Music

Favourite genres voted by teenagers

So, how have things changed in the last four or five years in the world of music? Why are the music lovers  shouting out at a revolution and what exactly is this revolution that every teenager is so hyped about? The latest music genres that the young crowd is crushing on for the last four years are:

Popular genres

The popularity of pop

Originating in the 1950s, pop music has seen a major comeback in  recent years, becoming a favourite among the teenage crowd. Researchers in the research conducted in the Netherlands asked teenagers about their music preferences.

The results of their work, across 10 countries, showed that Pop and Urban were the most popular among the young listeners. It also showed that while young people’s taste for individual artists changed over time, their preferences for these broad categories was the same and maintained a level of consistency.

Pop queen

The heartthrob of the teenagers in love with Pop is the band Maroon 5 with the lead singer Adam Levine. The band has consistently given several hits including single hit numbers like Sugar or One More Night, their recent successes, placing them as the top rank holders on the Billboard Hot 100. The other prominent Pop musicians and singers reigning over the hearts of the young generation are Beyonce, Mariah Carey and Jay-Z with their singles and albums topping the charts.

Adele was the biggest winner at Billboard Music Awards, 2012. She took home 12 trophies for her Grammy-winning album 21 and singles such as the chart-topping Rolling in the Deep.

LMFAO were declared the second top winners. The group grabbed six honours, with their Party Rock Anthem garnering huge applause and appreciation in 2012.

The Top Artist award was bagged by Adele while the Top New Artist was Wiz Khalifa. Top Pop Artist was awarded to Adele in 2012. The Top Rock Artist was given to Coldplay along with the award of Top Alternative Artist.

Rock music revolution

In the last decade, Rock music has evolved and transformed a great deal. The five rock albums that topped the Top 50 of the Billboard 200:

Coldplay, who made a Pop album with Rihanna’s producers

The Beatles greatest hits album from 2000

And three albums by David Bowie, an icon whose biggest hits came out before Adele was born.

The sound of rock music from 2012-2016

In the world of Rock music, the bands have adopted strategies like completely different bands marketed to completely different audiences. And it is all under the category to celebrate a shared love of electric guitars and high-energy performance that is loved by the teenagers of today, wishing for freedom of expression in the times of development and chaos.

Princess rock

Rock music with its various sub- categories and alternatives have proved to be an excellent form of music that the teenagers appreciate to let go of their suppressed emotions, societal pressures and dilemmas burdening them down. The genre has come to be associated with the outflow of strong emotions, which, if today’s young generation keeps bottled up, can have dangerous consequences. Music has always had a connection with the mind and the soul, a means to express the inner thoughts, abstract ideas and the demons you are battling inside. Rock has revamped and suited up to be an expressive tool for the youngsters of today.

In 2013, Taylor Swift, a country star, turned out to be the night’s big winner, taking home an impressive eight trophies.

The trophy of the Top Country Artist was also taken by her and her single; We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together won the Top Country Song in the year 2013

.The Top Billboard 200 Album and the Top Country Album, both were again taken by the lady of the night, Taylor Swift for her album release, Red.

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