Karamchand and Kartari, the actual definition of love goals! Both of them have crossed the age of 100 but their hearts seem to be not affected by it at all! Karmchand firmly says, “there is no one like her, not even close” to which Kartari beautifully blushes.

kartari and karamchand

They both left India in 1960’s and went off to industrial north of England. Love and hardwork have been their major contributors to this life they have made. Blessed with a huge family of 8 children, 26 grandchildren and 27 great grandchildren, the couple aptly enjoys much love and affection. Both of them often dance to old punjabi songs (whenever their leg joints allow :p ) and scold each other or play board games.
Way beyond cute! Isn’t it? Not just reel life, endless love stories exist in real life too. Karamchand and Kartari prove the same. In the times when youngsters run away from commitment and marriages, this real life story brings on some real love lessons!

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