Tokyo Olympics 2021: Boxing Champ Pooja Rani Reaches Quarter Finals, India Hopes A Medal

Tokyo Olympics 2020: Boxing Champ Pooja Rani reaches Quarter Finals. She defeated Algeria’s Ichrak Chaib 5-0. She is India’s hope for an increase in medals.

Pooja Rani

Tokyo 2020: Boxer Pooja Rani beats Ichrak Chaib of Algeria by 5:0

Indian boxing champ Pooja Rani (75kg) has made her Olympic Games debut on July 28th Pooja Rani has defeated Algeria’s Ichrak Chaib 5-0 in her opening battle to enter the quarter-finals, giving hope to you Indians for an increase in medals. She is 30-year-old and dominated her rival who is 10 years junior to her throughout the match. Champ Pooja is a two-time winner of the Asian championship, she was fully in control with a straight-handed right-hander opponent. Additionally, she also took benefit when Chaib went off the balance in the ring.

Pooja Rani overwhelmed Chaib in all three rounds. Let’s know that Chaib was also playing her first Olympic game yet the point is, she was unable to put her punches correctly. Rani performed cleverly by keeping his distance from the opposition. Boxing Champ Pooja Rani counter-attacked throughout the attack while Chaib was also aiming to hit hard but she kept missing her target.

Pooja Rani

When Pooja Rani started learning boxing, she had to keep it a secret because her father didn’t like it.

The boxing champ Rani’s journey to the Olympics has been full of challenges. Once she had to struggle with a shoulder injury also which was too serious to end her career. Yet she overcomes that and prepared herself for the tough competition ahead. Even at times, she felt a lack of finance as the boxer didn’t get financial support still she has come so far with her sheer persistence. We are so proud of this daughter of India.

Rani’s father was against her involvement in sport boxing

The Father of Boxing Champion Pooja Rani is a police officer. Her father did not want her to enter t boxing sport as he had a mindset that boxing is only for fierce people. In an interview, he had once said, “Maar lag jayegi”… As a father, he said that because he always thought that such sports are not for her as he believed that only hostile people take interest in boxing.

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