While it may seem too bizarre for one to read but this is a big truth. There are a number of girls across the globe who have sold their virginities to strangers and received a hefty sum for that. They put up their virginity on sale on online sites and gave it away to the top bidder. If you are also excited, here’s a list of the most expensive virginities ever sold by girls.

  1. Natalie Dylan

In 2009, this 22-year-old graduate from California toppled the list of richest virginity ever sold by getting $3.7 million for losing it. She started it as a sociology experiment but ended up generating $3.7 million by it.


  1. Graciela Yataco

This 18-year-old Peruvian model could have gained $1.5 million from a Canadian man if she hadn’t declined at the last moment.


  1. Elizabeth Raine

She was a 28-year-old medical student whose bids reached as high as $1 million! She backed out later saying it was a publicity stunt.


  1. UniGirl

We don’t know who this girl or the person who won the auction was. But the 19-year-old student from New Zealand was called UniGirl and sold her virginity for $32,000 in 2010.


  1. Rosie Reid

In 2004, Rosie Reid, a resident of London, UK sold her virginity in $12,853 to a 44-year-old man.