Men don’t say it often but they too like being appreciated. They might seem like the toughest breed on the planet but they too have feelings. They too like being loved and get taken care of. They might deny it on your face but deep inside they also want you to make them feel special. So why don’t you take advantage of that and make your guy yours forever?

Try out these 5 full-proof tips which can definitely help you make your guy feel special. Scroll down and take a look:

Bombard him with compliments

Just like girls, guys too like being complimented. So, make it a point that you keep flooding your guy with genuine compliments. Be it his physical qualities or mental qualities; tell him about all that he possesses. This way he’ll not only feel special but also feel that you notice him a little more than he expected you to.

Bow down when you are wrong

Blaming your partner even when he is not wrong is not a healthy sign in a relationship. Try to accept your mistakes and take accountability for the same. This way your partner will feel that you are trying to understand and not just put the blames on him. And there will be fewer fights between the two of you too.

Kiss him publicly

Men don’t ask their partners to kiss them even if they feel like getting kissed. They feel that asking this is against their norms. And now that you know what they want you to do, surprise them with a kiss when they least expect it to be coming from you. Go ahead and kiss them publicly in front of your friends. It might get awkward for them but they’ll definitely love it.

Surprise him

There’s hardly anyone in this world who doesn’t like surprises. So you better assume that even your partner would love it if you’ll walk an extra mile or put in some extra efforts to make him feel any different than usual. Take him out on a lavish candlelight dinner or book movie tickets of that film that he wanted to watch with you since so long.

Stop comparing him to any other person

Never compare your guy with any other person, especially your ex-boyfriend. There is a reason why you chose to be with him over your ex. Stick to that reason. After all, you accepted him in the first place for who he is. So now there is now backing out.

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