Breakup songs are trending this season and we can’t deny the fact that breakups are an inseparable part of every relationship.  Every couple goes through the ups and downs and the relationship lasts only if they survive those.

Here are top 9 reasons why most of the couples breakup!

  1. You start feeling restricted

We all are humans and we all need our own space. Once possessiveness starts taking over, there’s no turning back. You start feeling like your partner controls you and you do not have complete freedom, so know… shit happens!

You want to break free, and just live an independent life.


  1. “I love you but I like him too “

Most of us can relate to this statement. When you accidently fall for your best friend or your partner’s friend..Oops!  Brace yourselves for a war! This often leads to breakups.


  1. Respect !

Respecting your partner is equally important as loving your partner is ,in a relationship. The way you treat them is like the most vital part. You ought to make them feel valued and respected, it makes a world of a difference!


  1. Faulty habits

Initially in a relationship , partners often see each other through rose-gold glasses. Everything about them is acceptable to us and nothing seems wrong. Later when it gets more comfortable and you start finding out about your mate’s false habits ,you finally realize that it has been affecting your relationship adversely . Destructive  traits like compulsive lying or alcohol and drug abuse are some of the most common ones.

  1. Bamboozle

“He’s a pervert ,he has been dating the two of us together”

“She’s such a traitor, I can’t believed she kissed him!!”


If you’re not happy in a relationship, just end it. Don’t cheat. There’s something wrong with your character if opportunity controls your loyalty.

Cheating is the reason why 80% of the couples breakup !



  1. Conflicting goals

Your goals can obviously have a whole lot of difference , and goals cannot be achieved by themselves. It requires focus, hard work and dedication. The way  in which people  in a relationship direct their focus matters. For example, one person may have drastic changes in their religious and political views. The wavelength then doesn’t just seem to match and couples break up .



  1. Social segregation

Its totally natural and oh-so-romantic to always wanting to spend your time with each other but other factors cannot be ignored. One needs outside  socialization to develop healthy. Contradicting to which, if one feels he/she is being socially isolated due to their relationship, then they might just give up on their relation. This is also amongst the top  reasons  why couples break up !


  1. Futile communication

Communication gaps or fruitless communication can lead to misunderstandings. This mostly happens when couples do not share their thoughts, views , opinions and feelings with each other. If  one person is uncomfortable, even if it’s the slightest feeling of discomfort , it acts as a huge barrier in communication .


  1. Boredom

Last but not the least, in the list of breakup reasons lies “Boredom”.

Anything in excess can often create boredom, an accelerant for relationship breakdowns which can make once-exciting interactions seem mundane and unsatisfying.

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