If you have finally found someone who seems to be the perfect soulmate for you but still aren’t sure to take the plunge, plan a trip with him. Travelling together is the best way to know a person well, his likes, dislikes and whether you would want to spend the entire life with him. Here are some travel tips that will help you to discover a person.

Teamwork for couple
You have made a plan and ready to go for a week long vacation together. So, the first thing is to book a hotel. You might want to settle for a budget hotel while your partner wants a luxurious stay. If you find yourself having differences in getting basic comforts, you are most likely to have more differences than consent.

Spending habits
While travelling your partner tries to hold on to his purse strings and you don’t think a lot in splurging freely. Most probably there will be trouble in your paradise in future. So, give it a thought!

You would want to go out and explore the places and your partner might want to stay indoors and sleep. This might only be a problem but difference in temperament and lack of interest can be a sign of incompatibility.

Space is important
If your partner wants you to follow his plans for travel and you are a person who wants to go out on unplanned trips, if he finds it hard to interact with you freely and makes more friends on way, there can be trust issues in your relationship.


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