Now it will be Puneesh vs Bandagi in the Bigg Boss house, all because of this contestant

Bigg Boss 11 contestants are now prepping for the Luxury Budget task. With this new task, we are surely expecting some new fights. The first began with Akash Dadlani who calls Benafsha a ‘Kaamchor’. Their fight turns ugly as Benafsha sweeps the floor and calls him ‘Sir’. Meanwhile, Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta were seen chatting. Vikas apologized to Shilpa for all the problems that he caused and hugged her.

Bandagi Kalra hears Vikas saying that he will nominate Puneesh and she advises Puneesh that he should not get involved in other people’s matters. In return, Puneesh goes to Vikas and tells him that he is not afraid of getting evicted. Now all is not well between Puneesh and Bandagi. Bandagi is now really upset with Puneesh and Puneesh is trying to convince her and make her smile.

The task will now have the Bigg Boss house converted into a junkyard for the Luxury Budget task. The task will require all team members to rest their chins on their respective stands and the other team will try to ensure that they move their face off the stands’ chinrest.

Let’s see who wins this task!

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