8 Signs Of An Unhealthy Relationship

Signs Of An Unhealthy Relationship. The kind of sign you have can be a really good indicator of whether or not you’re in a healthy relationship. Not that all bad or uncomfortable sex means the relationship is in trouble, but there are sexual signs of an unhealthy relationship.

1. Unprotected Sex

How are you still having this?! Unless you’re trying to have kids, unprotected sex, in this day and age, is the worst idea! If your boyfriend likes unprotected sex but you’re uncomfortable, it’s time to have that conversation.

2. All Give & No Take

It’s nice to be a giver, but if you’re always a giver and never a taker, you should really ask yourself why. It could be that you’re a people pleaser. People pleasers go the extra mile and don’t demand anything in return because they don’t have healthy coping skills when it comes to dealing with conflict. People pleasers can sometimes also lack the self-esteem required to embrace their own needs and wants. On the flip side, if your partner always demands you please him or her while offering very little in return, your partner could have issues with control and respect. Good lovin’ means both partners get what they want.

3. Trying A New Sexual Fetish

Before trying a new sexual fetish, it’s advisable to discuss it with your partner to ensure that you both are really in for it.

4. Period Sex

Periods make you horny and so ask your partner if he’ll be up for some period sex and see where it goes from there. It’s only natural to crave some action, right?

5. Not What You Like

Anyone you’re having sex with should care about what you like. If you’ve told your partner time and time again that you’re not into something and they keep trying it, that’s crossing a boundary and that’s not healthy. If your partner crosses this line in the bedroom, it’s likely they don’t have much respect for your boundaries in other aspects of your relationship. Plus, I feel the need to point out that there’s a very fine line between not respecting your boundaries and straight up sexual assault. Legit.

6. Assumed Not Chosen

At the very core of the idea of consent is desire. You consent because you want to have sex. If sex is never your choice or idea, but something that happens to you whenever your partner wants it, then I am going to hand you this giant box of red flags. Sex when you don’t want to have sex isn’t your duty. It’s rape. You have no responsibility to meet anyone’s sexual needs when you don’t want to. This behavior not only stems from control, but it can easily transition into violence. Your body is yours.

7. Any Kind Of Sexual Discomfort

‘Cuz if you’re not enjoying yourself then any kind of intimacy is not worth it at all. Maybe, demonstrate what actually works for you in bed?!

8. Never Intimate

Withholding love, intimacy, and affection is one of the ways abusers control and manipulate their partners. Sex, at least sometimes, is about connection. Sure, sometimes you just slam each other around in a raw, animal way, but if you’re really in an actual relationship, sometimes you’re also going to have an intimate experience. If you partner just sort of uses you and throws you away, or never wants to connect, make love, be sweet and gentle, or show he or she cares, it’s probably indicative of a bigger problem.

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