It had a missing angle

 By Arshpreet Kaur


The sun was shining bright even at half past eight in the morning. Vishesh hated summers for that reason. Stifling heat, bright sun, smell of sweat, loo and above all travelling in overcrowded metros made life difficult for people, especially the ones who had to run from one place to another on public transport for work purposes. Vishesh wiped the sweat off his forehead as he boarded the metro from Noida City Centre towards Pragati Maidan. The only thing he liked about boarding the metro from that station was that he usually managed to get a seat.

“Vishesh in the metro”

It was a common sight in Metros of Delhi to find people busy on their mobile phones. Half of the people had their earphones plugged in while half of the other half was often busy playing candy crush on their mobile phones and rest of the other half left were either the ones who didn’t catch enough sleep the previous night or the ones who had little interest in their phones and preferred to notice people around them. Occasionally, there were also people who were talking loudly right in the morning. Vishesh always wondered how come they had such stamina right in the early hours of the day.

That day, he saw a girl sitting opposite him reading a newspaper. Now, that was not a very common sight as usually metros were so overcrowded that it was always difficult to read newspapers while commuting plus it was a girl reading a newspaper. Vishesh had always thought that females preferred magazines to newspapers. He observed the headline of the paper which had something to do with LGBT rights.


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