TV reality show Big Boss is getting more interesting to watch as the contestants now will be given a task which will help one among them to get direct entry in the finale of Big Boss.
The Big Boss finale is soon approaching and in the task, the contestants will be given a ranking podium. With 1 being the highest rank and 6 the lowest, the contestants will be required to rank themselves and then have to put their point across to justify that. The ranking will have direct implication to finale task conducted at a mall soon.
Immediately after the announcement in house, the housemates were spotted discussing their rank. Manu, Lopa and Bani claim for 1st rank while Nitibha was happy choosing the third rank in the podium. Mona claims for the lowest rank. Rohan has been asked to be the convener of the task and to not participate as he has been nominated for the entire season.
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