You must have enjoyed being pampered by your guy at the preliminary stage of your relationship. But nowadays, if you really miss that charm and energy in your relationship then this article is for you.

Well, the loss of charm and energy happens with time and it is pretty normal. If you wish to bring those days back in your life then you just need to put some extra efforts and you will see the change. These tips listed below will help you to bring back charm in your relationship and also you will see him craving for you even more than before.
Scroll down and read the tips very carefully:

Speak seductively

Believe it or not, every guy loves it when his partner (means you) come close to him and murmur ‘I Love You’ in his ears. Why don’t you speak these three magical words in your seductive voice? If you do this gesture then it will make him crazy and you will be in his arms at the next very moment. These magical words will help him to turn on.

Your surprise touch

Every guy loves being touched by his girl. So for next time why don’t you try something more appealing for him? What you can do is make him feel excited by moving your fingers on his lips or by reaching his pockets. These gestures of yours will make him crave for you even more. Surprise him when he doesn’t expect it from you.

Let him guess

It may be difficult for your partner to guess what you actually want. If you want your partner to think only about you then what you can do is start acting in a secretive or mysterious manner around him. Give him time to guess you. This would really make him crazy for you and he will only crave for you from next time.

Make minor changes in your lifestyle

Lifestyle is a very important element in everyone’s life. If you really want your guy’s eyes on you then it’s time for you to update yourself in every context such as fashion, food, makeup, and so on. Surprise him with your new look. You can surely do it by practicing yoga, by getting a nice haircut or by wearing his favorite clothes. This sudden change in you will give him the notice to crave on you all the time.

Impress him with compliments

Compliments make everyone feel special. It gives you positive energy and confidence. Why don’t you try this idea on your partner? What you have to do is wait for the right time and situation to give a compliment to your guy. By receiving compliments from you he will feel special and confident. Your compliment will make him crave for you for sure.


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