Star Plus based Ishqbaaz is ruling the TRP charts with its extremely gripping storyline. Presently, the track of fake Shivaay is not coming to an end and every episode turns out to bring in a major new twist. However, the makers have planned to bring in a king of all twists, which is both shocking as well as disappointing.

As per the ongoing sequence, real Shivaay and Anika plan to reveal fake Shivaay aka Mahi’s truth in front of everyone else. But they mistakenly also include ACP Ranveer in their plan because they are unaware of the fact that ACP is also a crucial part of Mahi and Kamini’s evil plans. But as soon as Anika comes to know about Ranveer’s involvement with Mahi, she goes running to Shivaay to tell him this shocking truth.


But this also fails, as the person whom she tells the shocking revelation turns out to be  Mahi instead of Shivaay. Mahi in return threatens Anika that if she tries to reveal the truth of Kamini, Mahi and Ranveer, he will kill Saumya who has been kidnapped by his gang.

What happens next will shock you! Kamini will suggest Mahi to kill Shivaay and take a permanent place in the Oberoi mansion. After thinking a lot, Mahi agrees and shoots Shivaay during the festivities. But, Anika gets shocked instead in the attempt to save Shivaay.

The upcoming story is surely going to be more interesting!

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