All truth behind Shilpa’s viral MMS revealed by Shilpa’s friend herself and we don’t know how to react

By admin

November 08, 2017

Shilpa Shinde has been making news ever since she has entered the Bigg Boss house. She has been entertaining us every way. Especially with her fights with Vikas Gupta have been taking most of the screen time on the show. Somehow, through these 5 weeks, Shilpa has become of the most popular contestants on the show. She recently got immune from the nominations because of winning a task where she had to share one big secret of her life. Viewers of the show take her as a genuine person who is also entertaining on the show.

Salman Khan too shared that he is liking Shilpa on the show. However, with stories of his ex-Romit and a leaked MMS doing rounds, Shilpa is getting into bad light. A MMS picture having Shilpa is going all over the net and now one of her friends has come forward to speak the truth behind it. As per her friend, the picture is fabricated.

She said, “In today’s day and age, there are many ways to tamper with a person’s image. It is completely fabricated or maybe a look alike’s photo. Nowadays everything can be photoshopped and morphed.” Well, we really don’t know how to react because this is not the first time that a made-up story has come forward. Ever since the show has begun, a lot of such stories about all the contestants are coming forward.

Looks like many people do not like Shilpa getting a lot of screen time on the show as compared to other contestants. Other contestants too, who were earlier not that active on the show have started to gear up and they are trying to get more and more screen time. This is one of the reasons why we get to see tons of drama that actually crops out of nowhere just for footage. What all happens next off and on the show is what we are waiting to see!