We’re always on the hunt for the freshest manicure trends to complete your outfit and fit into the upcoming season. Don’t let your nail game get boring – stay stylish with this wide range of popular nail colors and DIY nail arts that will be covering the streets and runways for the rest of the year. Now read Try These Easiest DIY Nail Arts While Self Isolation

Try These Easiest DIY Nail Arts While Self Isolation

Unusual French tips
This decades-old trend from the ‘90s has steadily made a comeback every year, but this time, they’re being done in a completely new style. Think metallic gold French tips, heart-shaped French tips, double-tipped tips, and fine-lined, barely-there renditions. You don’t have to paint the whole nail, but it adds a sense of detailed artistry and endless style combinations.

Cow print nail art

Python print and cow print
Animal prints aren’t necessarily new to the world of manicures, but cow print and python print are going to be the go-to options that are skyrocketing on search engines in 2020. Kendall Jenner made her cow mani go viral, and last year, zebra was a huge trend for celebs and normal people alike, so this seems like a natural progression. Both are edgy, in completely different ways.

Modern DIY Nail Art

Modern nail art
There are no rules in modern art, which is what makes it so fun to experiment when it comes to your manis. Turn yourself into a Picasso of your own making, or ask your favorite nail technician at the local salon to take creative liberties. Modern abstract nail art can include block-like shapes, working with negative space, a series of dots, lines, squiggles and more! We love a geometric interpretation.

Try These Easiest DIY Nail Arts While Self Isolation

Garden-inspired nails
Pastels are one thing, but who doesn’t want to attend a garden party? Think floral tones like swoon-worthy pinks, yellow as bright as sun, and sage accents. These colors are a bit more unusual than the standard pastel, and you can do skittle nails or opt for a full set in the same color. This look is ideal for spring and summer, but with tones like sage, you can wear this manicure year-round and get all the compliments. Try These Easiest DIY Nail Arts While Self Isolation