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Try being a tourist in your own neighborhood!

By sudhachandrasekaran

May 03, 2017

Arrive summer and we see that it brings with it the promise of fresh refreshing juices, vacations and overpowering afternoon naps! For many of us , this might be an opportunity to enact the role of a tourist and unearth  the excitement of exploring a new place. But several people are choosing to spend their vacations at home or in their hometowns rather than travelling elsewhere. You can spend more time feeling tranquil, less time behind the wheel, and save some money as well. You need to plan for pragmatic and comprehensive budget.

Trips that involve no packing for a week-plus or dealing with multiple bouts of airport security may not rate as front-page moments in your travel life, but they can be just as rewarding as the “epic itinerary.” I love traveling to new cities and countries and experiencing new cultures. But I felt the urge to explore and know more about my hometown through the eyes of a tourist, for we may be living in a land of riches and treasures! I realized how much there was to learn about my own city. Also known as Staycation, we can also term this as adorning the role of a tourist in our own city!

Get lost in the streets you have never been to and seeing new and beautiful things you never realized were there make you see your city in a new light. Start choosing the activities that sound intriguing to you. Anyhow, take care to not pack too much into each day so that you have plenty of time to relax between activities. Use your time off, having fun and not cleaning and catching up on chores. Try to turn a blind eye to it for now, and let it wait until after your time off is over.

Do web search and get to know the places of interest in and around your city. Divide the list into regions and spend a day in each region, no matter how many times you have done it before.

Undertake a tour and see your city through new eyes while learning your city’s history on a bus or bicycle or walking tour. A group of our friends who decided on going walking to  the old part of our city last year were thrilled on walking through the by lanes  and met with several long-time residents of the city who were only too eager to talk to them and give them several references. Furthermore they chanced upon settlements they were totally unaware off and met with a jeweller whose house behind his shop still houses a multi-generational family living harmoniously.


Visit the Local Attractions: Last year several guests had visited us and we made plans of taking them in and around Coimbatore. Hosting out-of-town visitors is one way to set about seeing your own city through fresh eyes Wow! It was then that we realized that we had not even seen the conventional tourist spots that were in the locality! Trying to explain your city to the visitors is fascinating and in that process we also come to know several things about our city.

You definitely should carry a camera as you would not want to miss out on capturing the special memories! Take pictures in front of new places with you also in the photo! Take pictures like a tourist, not just selfies

Climb a mountain. If you are close to a mountain, like the Western Ghats in Coimbatore, which is close to our home, no matter the season, there is always something to do. Trekking in the mountains is very interesting what with watching the birds; seeing the animals at a close distance; and the flora and fauna found there.

Hit the beach: Our second home in Chennai is close to Besant Nagar beach. Our guests spend  a couple of hours at the beach, playing beach volley ball; cooling off near the shores by relaxing on the golden sands…They finish the day by watching the beautiful sunset there.