Ending a long-term relationship with someone can be highly exhausting and painful. No matter how it ended, both of you would be equally affected by it. While it is not a big thing for a lot of people, it certainly is a huge deal for a person who is currently going through this phase. So, if you are someone who wants to move on but aren’t able to, the following tips are surely going to help you in leaving it all behind.

1. No point of contact

In order to heal from whatever happened between you two, it is important for you to stop all means of contact with the other person no matter how hard you feel it is.

2. Everything happens for a reason

Know that it was bound to happen and you were not meant for each other. A lot of people deal with heartbreaks and it is completely okay, you’re not the only one in this.

3. Steer clear of love songs

Every relationship has its own set of love songs which gives you those flashbacks you never want to go back to. Don’t hurt yourself by listening to such songs over and over again.

4. Let it all out

Instead of bottling up everything inside you, talking to your friends or family and opening up to them about your feelings will always make you feel better.

5. Give yourself time

Moving on is a process that takes time. Instead of pushing yourself to let go, moving on at your own pace is completely okay. A person devotes a lot of emotions in a relationship and it takes time to make peace with them.

6. Accept your past

Always remember there is a reason why you broke up in the first place. Embracing your past and realising that it is never going to be the same again is a significant step in the process of moving on.

7. Don’t be alone for too long

Being alone just after a breakup gives you nothing but unnecessary thoughts and stupid conclusions. Try your best to stay busy and avoid overthinking. In fact, you can also spend your time with your friends and family to be distracted.

8. Forgiveness is the key!

Blaming yourself for whatever happened will only make things worse. Forgiving yourself is extremely important because you don’t have to suffer for something which was not in your hands. Also, forgiving the other person will bring you mental peace as well.