Trying To Give Your Child A TV And Mobile Free Environment? Here’s What You Can Do!

We all have witnessed kids as young as 1 year of age glued to mobile or TV screens. Parents introduce these gadgets to their kids so that they get engaged in them and can be fed or kept busy. Not just that it is bad for the eyes of the kids, long hours of screen exposure can impact them in ways unknown! According to WHO, no screen time should be given to children below one year and one hour of screen time in the entire day to kids from 2 to 4 years of age.

Here are a few ways that can be adopted by parents to give their child a mobile and TV free environment:

Setting Boundaries And Rules

This point is for the parents. Make strict rules for yourselves to keep your phones away while spending time with your child. It may be a little challenging as at times relatives and caregivers don’t abide by it but a small request to all can go a long way for your child. Make sure to keep your phones on vibration mode while being with the child so that there is no curiosity to look at it whenever a notification pops up.

What to Introduce and When

It is good to not at all give any screen time to your child even after they turn one. But if you wish to, then start with 10-15 minutes of screen time, in the beginning, increasing it to half an hour and then an hour in a day. Letting the child play with toys and be with books should remain the main focus.

As far as the question of introducing “what” is concerned, exposure to a TV screen is any day better for a child in comparison to a small mobile screen. This is so because TV is usually watched from a distance and is a common source of entertainment for the family while a child gets glued individually to a mobile phone. Also, a child forgets about the TV as soon as it is switched off which is not the case with a mobile phone.

How To Introduce TV And Mobile

Start by playing rhymes and short stories for your child on the phone or the TV. Short YouTube videos of 2-3 minutes can be introduced to the child. Also, make sure that the child is accompanied by at least one parent while watching the TV who can talk, laugh, dance, and ask questions to the little one while watching the video. This will not let the child be completely glued to the TV and s/he considers TV time as an activity that will end in some time.


Avoid connecting with another activity

Don’t give a mobile phone to your child while s/he is having food, is in the toilet, travelling in the car, or in a social gathering where you want to keep him/her busy. Let the child keep his/her focus only on one activity at a time. Exposure to two activities at a time will lead to imbalance. For example, a child may end up eating more while watching a video.

It is said that parenting is tough but the reality is that good parenting is the toughest where you need to sacrifice your sleep, peace, comfort and at times your health too, especially in the initial years. The more pains you will take in the initial years, the better growth you will witness in your child in the years to come.

Happy Good Parenting!!

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