Keep the husband pleased
Give him the feeling that he is the boss and the head of the family. He should be consulted in all matters of significance, whether they are about home affairs, purchases, expenditures, investments, savings, visiting relatives, children’s education and so on. Most men are not tuned for financially independent women as a wife. In such cases it is the wife who has to show and ensure by her words and way that the husband’s male ego is not bruised.

A man needs nurturing and comforting to relieve him of his tensions. Do it without hesitation. Women’s attention, caring and comforting act as a balm to husband’s worries, anxieties and tension. He will feel happy and will willingly and cheerfully do similar things to relieve you from aches, pains and tension of household work.

Every husband wants to live under the impression that he is the most important person in his wife’s life. They crave for more attention from her and often do not verbalise about it. A good positive communication is very essential between husband and wife to keep them closer.

Praise is a wonderful tonic and men too are found hungry for it. Appreciate and praise him even for the smallest help given to you.

Flirting and satisfying his and your physical needs are the most important acts of life for conjugal bliss. The wife’s cooperative attitude pleases the husband. Of course, he too must be considerate about time, place, mood, problems and ailments. Be coquettish occasionally, take the initiative and give affirmative signals by gestures and romantic words.

Wives must know that husband responds better to those things which satisfy their egos. Some men need more pampering for pleasing them, than others. Find out the workload of his job, the problems of commuting, the pressure of targets and his good work done. As a wise lady, it is expected that you will use your husband as per time, place, work priority, financial position and your own need and urgency.

Be available to him to give company when he so desires which may be just for chit-chat or for discussing some serious matters, for going out to a restaurant or a picture hall, for shopping or for meeting people. Communicate freely with him in your friend’s role. Be his best adviser but do not pester him for a particular action. Discuss the pros and cons of it and if he does as per his judgement and things do not move as desired, do not taunt him or keep on reminding him about not following your advice that time.

Do not do anything that displeases, irritates and annoys him. Those should be avoided by deliberate effort. Keep a hold on your tongue as it is the uttered words which, spoken under tension, frustration, anger and jealousy spoil the relationship.

The saying that a husband’s heart is reached easily through his stomach stands true.

Husbands who are crazy for attention, feel grumpy when they do not receive timely attention. The wife should be able to judge his grumpiness and should ask him nicely what is it which is bothering him. The very fact that his wife has noticed his discomfiture makes him feel less neglected. Appreciate your spouse for the good qualities and virtues and never brood over his shortcomings. Accept these and learn to live with them. Let him realise the consequences himself.

Men are turned on by visuals. It pleases men to see their wives well dressed. Wear the dresses, hairstyle and make-up which he likes most and change them frequently tallying with his likings. If he is not in favour of some particular dress and hairstyle change it. If he expresses his

desire to see you in some transparent lingerie, bikini or petticoat jeans or skirt with tops, wear them occasionally in private and give him a surprise

Keeping the husband pleased by doing errand for him is expected by every Indian man from his wife. It does not mean that a wife is subservient to her husband or inferior to him. It means that you care for him and for his comfort and willingly do things to help him which in turn pleases him. Rest assured that it will fetch rich dividends. However, wives should never accept and tolerate the uncouth, uncaring, unloving, unhelpful and abusive or violent nature of their husbands. Have the courage to let him feel that his ill behaviour of treating her as a doormat will not be tolerated.

One must realise that the husband-wife relationship is nurtured by mutual give and take. Loving care of each other will give you rich dividends, in the shape of love, care and support which makes life a heaven on earth. A good deal of tolerance and patience is required to mould oneself by adjusting to each other’s needs, whims, likes and dislikes.

Keeping the wife pleased and happy is the duty and the given and implied commitment of every husband. Similarly, it is incumbent on a wife to keep her husband pleased and happy. When both the spouse take care of each other and have caring, sharing, sacrificing and a supporting attitude for their partner, their married relationship works harmoniously to their benefit and to the benefit of their children, family and society.

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