Television actor Amit Tandon’s dermatologist wife Ruby is serving her jail term in Al Raffa Jail in Dubai. She is behind the bars from last 5 months now. The Dubai Health Authority had alleged that Ruby threatened a few government officials owing to which the lady was put behind the bars.

Some months back, we even told you that doting hubby Amit flied several times to Dubai to get Ruby out from all the mess but it seems he failed, since his wife is still in the jail. As per the sources of an online entertainment portal, Ruby’s play has also been rejected at least twice on two separate occasions. Recently, her client-cum-friend actress Mouni Roy also visited Al Raffa Jail to meet Ruby.

Ruby is a top-notch dermatologist in Mumbai with her clientele encompassing several A-list celebs like Mouni Roy, Sanjeeda Sheikh, Rohit Varma, Vikram Bhatt among others. Some of her celeb clientele also became her BFFs including Mouni, Sanjeeda, Vikram Bhatt – to name a few.
Amit and Ruby are married since 10 years and have a 7 year old daughter Jiyana. The couple had also filed for a divorce before Ruby got trapped in this legal chaos. Their marriage was reportedly not working well. Even after having several rifts with Ruby, the very humble Amit left no stone unturned to get her out from all these odds. He flew down to Dubai to get her free from the jail but didn’t succeed.

“”I am very saddened by the developments that such a hardworking and caring woman who did her best to treat the rich, poor, and disabled to the best of her abilities and genuinely make a positive change has been put through this. Some very influential people or competitors who could not stand to see her succeed, as Dr. Ruby had begun treatments on not only Bollywood but even Hollywood celebrities, levied false accusations against her due to which the poor girl has been held in remand for almost a month. I always want to believe in the due process of law, but sadly this time Ruby is at the receiving end of it. We still hold faith that the judicial authorities will realize that she is 100 per cent innocent and let her come back to her work and most importantly to her daughter who misses her every day,” Amit had told an entertainment portal.
Tough times do not seem to be nearing end any time soon. 5 months in jail is definitely not a small time. As per a Ruby’s friend, “The matter is obviously very serious. We had thought she will be out in a few days but it has almost been 6 months now.
It is surprising to see none of Ruby Tandon’s friends from televille has opened up about the matter yet. Neither of them has either come forward to throw light on the entire matter that what exactly happened Ruby is sentenced for so long. We think, at least they must be knowing! Now, Amit Tandon is also not responding to media queries about the case.
We hope everything gets sorted soon! 🙂

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