The Diya aur Baati fame actress, Deepika Singh got married last years with her love cum director, Rohit Raj Goyal and is leading a cheerful life with him. The beginning of this year has brought along yet another ‘good news’ to her life. Yes, as we reported yesterday, Deepika Singhis pregnant and is expecting her first child.


She revealed her pregnancy yesterday itself and is now already busy interacting with media.  In an interview yesterday, she further opened up about her pregnancy and her further plans. As we all know, Deepika is currently on a break as her leading serial, Diya Aur Baati went off air after a massive success.

When asked if she will continue with the break or return to the TV, here is what she said. “Well, I am on a break now. And I don’t want to make myself tired by working in a daily soap until mid-next year at least. However, I don’t mind doing a bit of work here and there until then. I believe that an artiste always needs producers and TV channels. Without them, would we thrive?”

The mommy-to-be Deepika is super excited and happy about her pregnancy, for obvious reasons. She revealed that it indeed was a planned baby not just a mere unplanned surprise. Both her mother and in laws are now already readily taking care of her.

When she was asked if the couple wants a baby girl or a boy, she said that, “that we are not even thinking. And neither shall we. We decided to have a baby and we thank God that it is happening.” :’)
Well, all the best to the couple for yet again a  new beginning of life.

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