Recently, Daljeet Kaur has been in limelight because of her drastic transformation. After her bitter divorce in 2015, she got her baby son’s name, Jaydon, inked. After the divorce, Daljeet got her son’s custody and she started her life with a new beginning. Now, after 2 years of being single, she has left her past behind and is trying to move on by marrying again.

A famous entertainment tabloid contacted her for the authenticity of her remarriage news, she stated, “I got divorced months back and have been living alone with my son Jaydon since two years. My parents feel that before my son understands more than he does now, let’s fill up the gap.” She further stated, “I am not in a hurry and I am not getting married tomorrow. But I have no reason to say no. I am okay with my ‘Single’ Status now, so why not? I am keeping my eyes open for a happy guy.”


She was asked few questions in an interview, to which she answered. She was asked if she will ever fall in love, she quoted, “It’s too early to even think about it. Right now I am going through so many uncertainties and trying to settle down everything in my life. I want to kick that person hard who said, ‘money can’t buy you happiness’. I know what life without money is. My life had become hell without money. I don’t decide anything in life so whenever it (love) has to happen, it will happen.”

On being further asked if she has met anyone till date, she said, “Not yet, but not only my parents but also my sister and friends are now looking for one who will be a happy addition to my family. The search engine is out.”

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