Twinkle Khanna On Being Pseudo Mom; Says, “Many Of Us Are Playing Mummy To Someone Else’s Raja Beta”

Mother’s Day: Twinkle Khanna shared a post about women being mothers to their husbands. She also shared a conversation that she had with her husband Akshay Kumar.

Actor-turned-author Twinkle Khanna, on the occasion of Mother’s Day on Sunday, shared a post about women being mothers to their husbands. Taking to Instagram, Twinkle shared a part of her article that spoke about women ‘rearing a child they have not accounted for, produced, or adopted — their husbands’. Twinkle shared a picture of herself holding a glass of wine as she stood outdoors while clothes hung on the clothesline behind her. The words on the photo read ‘are you playing mummy to someone else’s Raja beta (dearest son)?’

She captioned the post, “If love is blind, then marriage is holding up a magnifying glass in bright sunlight, seeing every flaw while managing to set your partner on fire as well. This Mother’s Day here’s to all the women who are rearing a child they have not accounted for, produced, or adopted — their husbands. To read my Mother’s Day piece and then raise a glass or drown your sorrows, head to the link in the bio/page description. Raise your hands if this is your story too.”

A part of her article also hinted at her conversation with her husband, actor Akshay Kumar. A section read, “The epiphany, that I too am stuck in the quintessential Jagat Mata (worldwide mom) mode, struck me in the form of a sweatshirt, the colour of sticky earwax. Tired of picking it off the bathroom floor and having it washed every evening, so he could put it on again the next day, I asked, ‘Can you please stop wearing this?’ ‘It’s very comfortable,’ he replied. Annoyed at his stubbornness, I tried another method. ‘All right, at least tell me what you are trying to advocate legalizing with this particular garment.’ ‘Huh, what?’

“’It’s printed right here on your sweatshirt — Legalize it! I hope you realize that it alludes to marijuana. If the press asks you what you are trying to legalize, what will you say?’ He frowned, ‘Oh, I didn’t think about that, you tell me, what should I say?’ I replied, ‘Tell them you are trying to legalize sodomy!’ Looking at his bewildered expression, I added, ‘Oh, it’s just a fancier term for repayment of back dues’,” she continued.

“Now, I am waiting for the last laugh when a reporter finally asks him this vital question. Realizing that passive-aggressive behaviour will not rectify this equation, where so many of us are playing Mummy to someone else’s Raja beta, I decided to do some research. Though, before that, I called my friends to complain and commiserate,” she added.

  1. Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar have been married for over 21 years. They share a son Aarav, 19, and a daughter Nitara, 9.

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