Twinkle Khanna revealed that his Son Aarav has saved her number as police in his Phone

A Mother is the strongest of all kind on the earth; she carries a child for 9 months inside her body. When the baby wakes up at two in the morning, the cleaning the crying, everything. A Mother is the first best friend of the child, with whom the newborn play for the first time. The bond of mother and child is tenacious, strong-willed and persistent, especially in the early ten years of the baby born. A mother always love and pamper their children no matter what age the child has reached. She always care for her children, in sickness and in health.

So is the same with Actor Turned Writer Twinkle Khanna, who care a lot about his son Aarav. Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna always try to give their Children a healthy environment in every manner. They do all kind of activities to spend time with their children and teach them something new. Both of them share a good bond with their children

Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar are redefining parenthood by creating a healthy environment for their son, Aarav Kumar and daughter, Nitara. The kids often feature on their parents’ Instagram feeds and we remember once, Twinkle had shared dinner pictures cooked by her teenage son, Aarav. Along with the pictures of her dinner and dessert, she had written, “My teenager makes us dinner and dessert all by himself 🙂 On the menu- mushroom risotto, miso avocado salad, chicken skewers and chocolate souffle. #proudmomma.”

The duo share a lot of feed with all of us on their social media handle about their kids enjoying the time with them, helping develop their skills and the daily activities that they do with each other as a family. They are trying to insist their values in their kids and has becomes their emergency friend or friend on call when the need arises. Recently Twinkle Khanna posted on her social media handle, about her son saved her no as “Police” in his mobile phone. Twinkle do share many stories of her family time to time and had shared the incident with Ndtv in an interview of how her son tease her for her acting in films in earlier days. She had shared, “Lately, my son has started doing a nasty thing, where he keeps replaying this one scene he’s got on YouTube, where I’m apparently kissing some man’s nipple. Moreover, he keeps showing me this repeatedly and he keeps making these jokes!  Yeah, so, I actually think I should, I do not know, blind myself or blind him. I’m not sure which!” 

Akshay and Twinkle keep posting pictures of their children of occasion like birthday, Festivals and other occasion. The Duo are trying hard to emerge good values in their Children. All of us can see the love and the efforts.

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