Twitter Blocks Account Of Union Minister, Senior Congress Leader, Check Out Why!

After Union IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Friday claimed that Twitter has blocked access to his account, Senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor has also alleged the same.

Taking to his Twitter account, Tharoor replied Minister’s tweet, he wrote, “Raviji, the same thing just happened to me. Clearly, DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) is getting hyperactive.” This tweet has been deleted by @Twitter because its video includes the copyrighted BoneyM song”Rasputin”:

After the process, a/c unlocked. Earlier, minister Ravi Shankar wrote on his Twitter, ” Friends! Something highly peculiar happened today. Twitter denied access to my account for almost an hour on the alleged ground that there was a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of the USA and subsequently they allowed me to access the account.”

Tharoor in series of comments on minster’s post wrote,” Indians creatively make videos using short snippets of foreign music. Most people would consider that “fair use”. Instead of letting the clip enhance the popularity of their songs, the copyright holders have issued notice. Though I just RTd it, I’m not about to contest their act.”

So I won’t blame @Twitter for this action or attribute the motives to them that @rsprasad does, though it wasn’t pleasant finding my account locked. Clearly, they had no choice but to honor a DMCA takedown notice, however stupid & pointless the request was, he said adding that “But getting a notice from a UK-based organization, citing @Twitter’s role as a”service provider” under a US law, points to the challenges of @TwitterIndia’s operations in India. @rsprasad has pointed to possible violations of Indian regulations while conforming to foreign rules.”

As Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Information Technology, I can state that we will be seeking an explanation from @TwitterIndia for the locking of @rsprasad’s & my accounts & the rules & procedures they follow while operating in India, he said while pouring light on the issue.

“And @Twitter locked me out again because to explain the problem, the first tweet in this thread included the offending copyrighted video. Locking is a foolish response to a DCMA notice; disabling the video (which they’ve now done) should be enough. @Twitter has a lot to learn, “he wrote.

Former Union Minister’s response came after IT minister Ravi Shankar calling out Twitter’s “high-handedness and arbitrary actions,” have “clearly ruffled its feathers.” “Twitter’s actions indicate that they are not the harbinger of free speech that they claim to be but are only interested in running their own agenda, with the threat that if you do not toe the line they draw, they will arbitrarily remove you from their platform,” Ravi Prasad wrote on his Twitter, which was eventually unblocked.

The social media giant and the Union ministry of electronics and information technology (MeitY) have been at loggerheads after the new IT (Intermediary Guidelines and Ethics Code) Rules were announced in February.

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