What? Priyank Sharma and Vikas Gupta dating each other? New twist in the Bigg Boss story

Bigg Boss 11 has surely brought in a lot of entertainment and drama into our lives in just a couples of days. Like all other seasons, this season is also turning out to be really interesting! So amid the evictions, fights and weekend ka vaar, there is more to leave you amazed. Recently, Priyank Sharma was thrown out of the house when he pushed Zubair Khan to defend Vikas Gupta. Well, this has brought us with new reports.

KRK, who is extremely popular over the net for being a self-proclaimed expert has given us the news! He tweeted that Splitsvilla 10 winner Priyank Sharma and producer Vikas Gupta are in a relationship. He tweeted, “Breaking News-According to sources, Priyank Sharma is boyfriend of Guy Vikas Gupta so they both are in #BiggBoss11”.

Well, looks like KRK is done with his movie reviews and is trying to garner some publicity by this one. Priyank’s name was earlier being linked to Hina Khan. Who knows what’s happening inside the Bigg Boss house! What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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