Karlie Green’s life seemed impossible. Born with a heart that was literally broken, she shouldn’t have lived more than a couple days. But this little “blue baby” from small-town Texas defied the odds—with the help of her ever-loyal twin, an unexpected family, and a mustard seed of faith. Here’s an excerpt from Karlie Green’s Interview:

 Why did you want to write your memoir now?

Well me and my twin sister Kylie always wanted to tell our story because there is just nothing like it.  We always wanted to talk about our mom and childhood so people would know what all we had been through.  It really is unbelievable.  That all changed last July when God called Kylie home.  I promised her I would tell her story and I’ve done everything I can to keep that promise.

 What was the hardest part about writing this book?

Remembering Kylie’s death.  It was unexpected.  She went in for her second heart surgery.  Well  I’ve had 4 so no one thought she wouldn’t come home with us.  Remembering her that way was heartbreaking.  I’m used to being the one in the hospital bed.  It’s something I can’t forget but with I could.

How has your faith helped you through this?

Oh, I would not have made it without my faith in God.  There were a lot of nights where I just broke down to him.  He spoke to me twice and that’s really the only thing that has gotten me through this.  You know when you lay in bed crying quietly so no one hears you; like the ugly cry, I asked God, Why?  Why didn’t you heal her?   The bible says “The prayer of faith will save the sick person and the Lord will raise him up.”  Well I was begging and screaming to God why didn’t  you heal her then?  And in the calmest, most stern voice I heard God say to me just two words:  “I Did”

And after I knew she was ok and up in Heaven with our mom.  That was a few months after Kylie had past away.  It gave me such peace and I’m grateful for that.

You have had 4 open heart surgeries, and you had a pacemaker put in at age 25; What keeps you going?

Well besides this little battery. Haha 😊  My family.  My fiancé Brian hasn’t left my side really in the past year.  He’s been my rock through losing Kylie and has encouraged me from day one to write my memoir.  You know, Kylie use to text me every morning and every night.  If I didn’t hear from her by 7am something’s wrong.  Well now, my Aunt Dorothy does that for me.  She knew Kylie did that and she hasn’t missed a day since Kylie died.  Things like that have really helped me.  It’s the little things that truly help a person in life I think.

You talk about your ex in your book and him being violent; What finally gave you the strength to leave?

That was such a bad time in my life.  I had taken a vow in front of God and I wanted to keep it.  It was good in the beginning, but I had no idea who he really was.  Now, I’m 4ft 11 and he was 6ft 2 so that’s scary enough on its own.  But when someone terrorizes you like he did me, you don’t forget it.  I prayed a lot of prayers for help out of that situation and one-night God gave me the answer and I haven’t looked back.  I think when you go through something like that you truly learn your worth.  At least I did anyways.  And now, almost a decade later, being with my fiancé Brian, is like day and night.  I just am so blessed with him.  He has never even raised his voice to me.

Tell us about your brother Matthew.

Matthew is just amazing.  Me and Kylie grew up only us two; so finding out at age 30 you have a brother is just wild.  He’s a hardworking, family man.  I wasn’t nervous at all to meet him, but Kylie was in the beginning.  I could not believe it at first because as you will see soon, he is half African American.  (We have the same birth mother, different dads) He is the most amazing brother I could ask for.  If I ever needed anything, he would help me without me even having to ask.  He’s around Kylie’s height, about 6 ft.  But I’m the oldest of all three of us so I’m the boss. 😊

Did you ever feel like you were missing out on life growing up because of your heart disease?

Not really.  I knew I couldn’t run with the other kids but my parents and Kylie always figured out a way to let me be able to participate in stuff.  Such as, Kylie went to church camp; I went to a heart camp for kids with heart disease.  I tried to do everything any “normal” kid did, just in a different way.

Your mom died at age 35.  Your identical twin sister died at age 35.  How did you make it through that?

God.  There is no other explanation.  That’s it.

You talk about finding love again.  You twin sister set you up on a blind date.  What happened?

Well, after my bad relationship with my ex, I was a little nervous.  Kylie however had this great coworker/friend she always talked about and eventually set us up on a blind date!  That was five years ago and now I’m going to marry him. 😊

What was it like growing up an identical twin?

Growing up with Kylie was amazing.  I always had someone there to help me and to play with.  Kylie always made sure I was ok and never left behind.  Missing half of your heart, I use to get tired a lot so she carried me on her back everywhere when I needed it.  God gave me Kylie so I would survive.  I know that.

If your book was made into a movie, who would you want to play you?

Well.  Me of course 😊