Yeah it’s a very obvious problem if there is 2 wedding cards at home and of the same date, tough choice which one to attend. It’s not an easy choice, for sure. There are two cards on the table and that’s because coincidentally both parties in question have chosen the same date to tie the knots and celebrate their wedding.
Yes we are talking about the very famous television personalities Bharti singh and Aashka’s wedding who are getting married on the same day and in different states, where one’s wedding is going to held in Ahmadabad, the other will be in Goa.


The guest list will become less that’s because the crowd will naturally get divided among the 2 weddings on the same date. Yes it’s a really tough decision for that guest who is invited in both wedding because they will have to make the difficult choice of attending one wedding at the cost of missing the other.

The two Bharti and Harsh were really confused in the beginning about their wedding date between because they have choice between three dates which were Nov 29, Dec 1 and Dec 3, but after a really long discussion they choose the date Dec 3 2017 to get married.
Once Dec 3 2017 was finalized the couple headed to Amritsar, Golden Temple to share the finalized date with their babaji and to get the blessings and He was the first one to know and give them blessings.

We last week also got to know that Bharti’s wedding lehenga is almost ready and she will soon revealing the outfit on her social media accounts very soon. The couple has also decided that they will not allow any media coverage of their wedding because they have signed up a contract with a production house to shoot their wedding convert it into a proper web series.

Aashka who is also getting on the same date, recently shared pictures of her wedding card on her social media accounts such as instagram and twitter. The sensational TV actress’s parents shared that their daughter always dreamt about the moon since she was spending her most beautiful days known as childhood and she finally found her soul mate on the other side of the planet.

Aashka’s fiancé Brent, his parents have also expressed their feelings and happiness on the union of the two saying that all they need is love and encouragement.
Well finally it’s a wedding whether on same date or different we wish a very happy married life ahead.

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