Behind every dynamic woman are her equally amazing gal pals. No woman can think of a life without her girl best friends!

There’s nothing more warm and fuzzy than a girlfriend who will do anything for you. Inside jokes, secret languages, fashion, home decorating, dressing up, shopping, relationship recovery- it’s all the more fun with girlfriends. Girls can be quite harsh and rude, envying each other. But if you have found the ones who match your wavelength, there is nothing like it! The fun begins now!

Here are a few types of most common girlfriends that every woman has in her life-

  1. Your Cheerleader

She is always there to boost up your confidence and spirit. She is going to be the first one to let you know that your #OOTD slays on instagram!  Like all your best friends, she appreciates you but she takes her praise on a next level. Her smile makes yours pop right out and you do love the fact that she believes in you!

  1. The Childhood Bestie

It was true love at first sight since you both met at the elementary school , and still get along pretty well. She knows you the best inside out and so do you. You both are the keeper of each other’s childhood secrets , crushes and dreams! While your lives may not have moved in the same directions, but one thing that hasn’t changed is-your unbreakable bond. She is your sister from another mother. We bet there have been times when you lied to your mom and depended upon your bestie to handle the situation further!

  1. Your support system

Not every day is a winner. When you are feeling low or your spirit needs a boost, she is surely the first one on your call list. She is never ‘too busy’ and always listens to you and her advices are words of wisdom which are always on time. She helps you carry your burdens and there for you in your highs and lows. In a nutshell, her love and support are the fundamental to your success. She gets you and you get her!

  1. College ride or dies!

Your freshmen year sealed the deal and you have been attached ever since. You two found each other at a very special time when you entered a whole new era, out of the high school, deciding who you wanted to be. A few years later your love only got stronger and you are proud of each other. This friend is most likely to shout out your accomplishment on her  feed, introduce you to someone you “need to know” or give you the inside scoop about a hot lead on a job. She’s got your back. Raise a toast, because she is a keeper!

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