Every girl dream for her wedding day from small age onwards, they have lot of expectations and charm in there eyes for this auspicious day. They always dream for there prince charming who will come and take them away with him and will give lots of love to her. But as we grow up we see that it is really difficult to find our Mr perfect and because of this we marry to a person who is not at all suitable for us. So girls before marrying someone, first try to know him well

Here are some tips for the girls who are now ready to get married, You should not marry with these types of guys;

1 Every person has their own life which do not get over after getting married, so you should not marry a man who wants to kill your personal life. Boys who always wants your updates that where are you going, what are you doing, with whom you are going etc, they want your single sec/minute updates and if you forgot to update them they will start a fight, this type of man are not good for getting married. Even you should avoid to date them also.

2 You should avoid to marry a mumma’s boy. These types of man are proved to be a good son but not good husbands. They will always compare you from there mom which will become very bad for your personal relation. They will always want you to do work same as there mom. He will not going to blame his mom for any reasons as in his eyes his mom can’t do anything wrong. By marrying such a boy your life will turn out to be a competition, you always have to compete from his mom. So its better to avoid such boys.

3 Don’t marry a man who always talks about his past life or memories which he has created with his ex lover. You never know may be he is just using you to make her ex girlfriend feel jealous so that she will come back, and once she will come back he will leave you. Just maintain distance from such kind of boys.

4 Avoid boys who are extravagant. The boys who spends all his salary for fun or shopping or something else are not fit for married life, you should marry with someone who is financially stable, it does’nt mean that only money matters or you should marry a guy for money but It means that after getting married you get so many responsibility on your head so to fulfill those responsibility your mate should be responsible enough to take care of his family. He should spend carefully.

5 Don’t marry a man who is again and again cheating on you and after cheating he says sorry, such man never fell sorry and they will do it again because they know that you will going to forgive him again. This type of man are a big cheater and he will cheat you after marriage also so never trust on this type of boy.

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