Uber driver kept messaging this Pune girl..what she did is a lesson for everyone!

Cab services like Ola and Uber have come up as a boon for the young urban professionals. While some  transport medium are convenient but not cheap, there are others which are cheap but not convenient. That is why the current youth prefers to travel via cabs for because cab services are pocket friendly and safe as well.

But what happened with this Pune girl who booked an Uber cab will make you re-think the safety quotient of these cab services. She shared the strange and disturbing incident on social media.


“Dear #UberIndia,
On the 07th of May I booked a cab from the airport to Pashan in pune with you for a relative and her 2 boys! The driver seemed friendly and asked her where was she coming from and tried making small talks, to which she initially replied with politeness and later started ignoring. Now this is what happens next. If this is not the beginning of harassment then what Is? I book my family with only uber because so far I felt safe and secure with you’ll. But not any more!!! When he said he was the driver I thought my cousin left something back in the cab and he is meaning to return it.. but this is what the truth was!!
Please see the pics attached!

Here are the screenshots she attached with this post.

So, the driver took out the girl’s mobile number from which she had booked the cab from history and kept sending her messages on Whatsapp.

However, Uber was quick to respond and has suspended the driver with immediate effect. Have a look at the official email sent by Uber to this girl.

Many cases of harassment and misconduct by drivers have been reported in the recent past. Though the Uber’s swift action is appreciated but the safety concern remains. But if in case, you ever find yourself in such situation, do not sit back….make use of social media and share the incident with masses, police and the company. Because social media is not only to post selfies!


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